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Continuity Planning

Be Prepared

That’s some of the best advice you’ve ever received, right? When it comes to business continuity and resiliency planning, you’ve got to make sure that your IT department is prepared for the worst, whether it’s a hardware or network fail or natural disaster.


IGI helps you determine and implement the best plan designed to eliminate interruptions. We make sure your data storage and recovery systems are intact and redundant; and we help you develop a contingency plan for unforeseen events.


IGI works with major global partners like HP, VMWare, EMC and Unitrends to make sure your business continues to operate regardless.
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Old Backup Procedures?

How old are your backup processes and procedures? Are they up to date?

Are you managing tape back-ups?

There is a much better and more cost effective way.

Back-ups take more than 24hrs?

If they do call us today! There is a better way

Prepared for a Disaster?

In the event of fire, flood or other natural disaster, are you confident that you’ll get everything back online, up and running quickly?