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Intel Announces EOL for McAfee at CES 2016 Event

Intel Announces EOL for McAfee at CES 2016 Event

On January 4, 2016, Intel Corp. announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas it will phase out the McAfee brand name and replace and re-brand the line as Intel Security.  This announcement has been in the making for a while.  Back in August 2010, Intel agreed to buy McAfee for $7.7 billion in cash. At that time, it was agreed that McAfee would continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, with its employees working alongside Intel personnel.

This most recent announcement by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich underscores Intel’s commitment to stay in the security field.  The new branding – Intel Security will be used to identify all Intel security products and services. He also stated that the re-branding will take place immediately, but the transition of McAfee products to the Intel Security brand may take up to a year to complete.  Krzanich also indicated that McAfee clients will not be able to purchase additional McAfee products (as of 1/11/2016) and they will need to make a decision about switching to the Intel Security software or a competing product once their McAfee software expires.

Lastly, Krzanich stated that its security products will retain the familiar red shield, which according to Intel, represents “the core values of security and protection.” The company also said that the transition would happen “as new products are introduced,” which suggests that Intel could brand the next version of every McAfee product as Intel Security.  Intel has published a Product FAQ document about the McAfee Vulnerability Manager and Total Protection solutions.  In addition, there is a McAfee Software End-Of-Life webpage for more information.

Due to this announcement,  all McAfee users will be forced remove and re-install a new antivirus endpoint protection solution on their computers once their McAfee license expires.  This change will now allow business owners and IT Administrators an opportunity to evaluate other newer endpoint protection solutions.

One product that has benefiting from this announcement is Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection.  Webroot SecureAnywhere is a next-generation cloud based anti-virus and malware product that protects Microsoft and Apple systems.  At the core of this product is a behavior monitoring technology which doesn’t rely on traditional signature files.  Due to this new technology, Webroot doesn’t slow down systems or conflict with installed application making it the best solution to protect against Zero-Day-Threats and Ransomware.  Webroot has been able to reduce their competitor’s average time to identify a Zero-Day-Threat from at least six hours to under seventy minutes.

Check out this YouTube video to learn more.

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