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  • We started a relationship with IGI approximately 2 to 3 months ago. At that time, we were looking for a more suitable security solutions for our high profile customers. This product had to be less stressful on CPU and other components. IGI was very enthusiastic in helping us transition over 400 devices to their platform. Any time I need help with security challenges, I know I can call IGI. If they don’t supply the immediate remedy, they are helpful to point me in the right direction. It has been a smooth transition from 1 security solution to another thanks to IGI. When I had a customer whom needed PCI Compliance I reached out to Scott and Dawn of IGI. They not only pointed me to a viable solution, but they superceded my expectations by networking a relationship wherein we can partner with the PCI vendor. Dawn is always so pleasant when I need to ask a question. Scott is very prompt in returning my calls. It has been an “uber” pleasure working with IGI.

    net engineers Barbara Bonser – Dallafior Net Engineers
  • “I’d like to point out that since starting our partnership with IGI for Webroot Endpoint, our virus/malware calls from our contracted clients have gone down to zero (yes, ZERO). We no longer get the weekly calls for viruses or malware issues like we used to from simple web browsing. Webroot Endpoint Protection helps our company look like a champ!”

    greznet Ronald Grzechowiak Greznet, LLC
  • We initially approached IGI looking for a solution to sell Webroot while maintaining all the potential revenue we could from both the initial sale and the subsequent renewals. In addition to being able to capture all the revenue opportunities present and future, we also joined a friendly family who supports our small business through referrals, technical support, marketing opportunities and other products we have yet to grow into. The Webroot Secure Anywhere product is, in my opinion, the best product at virus prevention and remediation. With the new dashboard we can see each of our customer machines and any issues they may be having. We can initiate a cleanup command from our office without even having to go on site. We found all of the employees at IGI to be true team players and a joy to work with no matter how simple and repetitive our questions. I highly recommend IGI to any business who wants to grow revenue while providing an outstanding product for their customers. With this new solution we were able to add nearly 100 licenses to our new dashboard in the first sixty days. Easy process, easy company, great product and great margins. One of the best revenue growth decisions we made in 2015!

    your computer friends Susan Kadar Your Computer Friends
  • Partnering with IGI for Webroot services was a great decision. IGI provided excellent training and their team is quick to respond to all requests. Webroot beats all competitors in several critical areas: it has low system resource usage, very fast scan times, and is easy to deploy or remove.

    iv4 Greg Danner IV4, Inc.
  • TRIAD Computer Services, Inc. opened in 2000 as a small IT support company based in Southeast Colorado. We have 5 full time employees who handle the daily operations. Most of our work is computer repair, disinfecting computers, and supporting the local community in all of their technology needs. In the past, we’ve never been a fan of the Webroot software, as it seemed to cause more problems than other security solutions, and have been a strong supporter of Norton’s antivirus software. We were approached as a possible Webroot Secure Anywhere reseller/partner by Infinite Group Inc. (IGI) in May of 2015. IGI was touting great things from Webroot’s software, but given our previous experiences, we were leery. After many phone calls back and forth, we decided to give Webroot a try… and we put it through its paces. As a computer repair shop, we’ve seen almost every kind of infection out there: Virus, spyware, adware, malware, CryptoLocker, java exploits, etc. We did everything we could to beat Webroot and we failed. Webroot is by far the best anti-virus and malware protection we’ve seen. AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, and McAfee don’t hold a candle to it. In June, we signed on to become a partner with IGI and to resell Webroot’s software. In the 4 months since that time, we have installed it on over 600 of our customer’s machines and haven’t looked back. Working with IGI / Webroot is always a pleasure! Their customer service and technical support staff have always been friendly and easy to work with. The Webroot Secure Anywhere software is easy to use and any difficulties we’ve had are quickly resolved by IGI staff. I would recommend IGI’s services to anyone who has a need of any of their services and Webroot Secure Anywhere to everyone.

    triad Joshua D. Maurer TRIAD Computer Services, Inc.
  • IGI is awesome as always! Thank you for your assistance and your quick response.

    1449147785idez Randy S. Panebianco Intelligent Designs