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Website Security

Keeping Your Website Safe

Keeping your company’s website secure from hackers is imperative in today’s online world. IGI follows best practices to secure and protect against the most critical website threats. From causing simple mischief to taking down entire server farms, our proactive processes make sure your site is continually shielded from a wide range of risks.
Our experts are actively involved in the security community, so we can identify vulnerabilities and exploits before they threaten your business.
IGI offers a Security Dashboard, the “mission control” of your website security protection plan. You get up-to-the-minute notifications as well as precise steps and one-on-one help from our security team to fix, protect, and prevent any security breaches found. We also provide an unlimited number of page scans and are available for customized support 24/7/365.
Whether you’re using basic content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, or HTML, or more complex and robust systems like Ruby on Rails or Drupal, IGI uses advanced scanner technology that helps us detect injection, authentication, X3S, data exposure, and other attacks to your website.

Website Vulnerabilty Assessments

Learn how cyber safe your website is