Infinite Group, Inc.


About Us



Headquartered in Rochester, NY with a workforce spanning across the United States, IGI works with organizations on all levels of IT security. Through the company’s evolution from 1986 to today, we have continued to build on our strong foundation of securing information, systems, and technologies to become a leader in the cybersecurity field.

In the current security climate, many service providers list security as part of their portfolio. But, only a small percentage have the experience, certifications, and focus to deliver and manage a cybersecurity program.

IGI is redefining what it means to be a security vendor. As both a security OEM and a trusted advisor for security services, we understand the challenges that businesses face better than others. Our approach helps you solve and simplify your business’ biggest security obstacles.


Security Experience

When you work with IGI, you’re working with a team comprised of credentialed security professionals, former military leaders, and software developers with expertise in various layers of security. Our team members have a strong history of preventing and responding to cyber attacks and data breaches, giving them an inside perspective of how to effectively combat cyber threats in a modern and digital age.

IGI’s tactical team members have successfully recovered businesses from cyber attacks at various levels, including hospitals, critical infrastructure, retail, financial/banking, and many others. The team is recognized for its skills and expertise in everything from incident response to managed security and various other areas of information security. Our team is an extension of yours, working diligently to prevent cyber incidents and respond swiftly when needed.