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IGI Introduces Credentialed Scanning and ‘Plus’ Option for its Nodeware™ Security Solution 

Nodeware™ now offers two product options, both with credentialed scanning capabilities   

PITTSFORD, N.Y., Jan. 16, 2018 — Infinite Group, Inc., or IGI (OTCBB:IMCI), has announced the release of a key security feature and two distinct product options for its Nodeware security solution. Nodeware is an automated vulnerability management solution that enhances security by proactively identifying, monitoring, and addressing potential vulnerabilities on networks, creating a safeguard against hackers and ransomware.  

According to Gartner research, from 2015 to 2016 the vulnerability assessment market grew 12.5 percent with an estimated market size of $615 million, and continues to trend toward consistent annual growth. The same study also revealed that vulnerability management is quickly moving toward automation and continuous scanning, a focus on the SMB market, cloud-based technology, and lower price points—all which are key attributes of Nodeware and Nodeware Plus. 

Customers will now have the option to purchase Nodeware or Nodeware Plus to accommodate the varying network needs of their organizations. Nodeware provides a value-based solution designed for a small to midsized businesses with single subnet or several subnets, whereas Nodeware Plus can accommodate larger organizations with more advanced network needs. Each Nodeware product is designed to meet the varying needs of customers with the added benefit of credentialed vulnerability scanning. 


  • SMB-level pricing 

  • One license per subnet  

  • Monitors up to 256 concurrent addresses and unlimited devices 

  • Includes two external scan licenses

Nodeware Plus 

  • Aligns with current product pricing  

  • Can be configured for multiple subnets per license 

  • Monitors up to 1024 concurrent addresses and unlimited devices 

  • Includes eight external scan licenses 

“After evaluating the needs of our customers, we have adapted Nodeware to provide two distinct product options: Nodeware and Nodeware Plus,” said Andrew Hoyen, COO of IGI. “We believe many of our SMB users will benefit from having a value-based option designed for smaller networks, while still leveraging the same power and functionality of the Nodeware technology they’ve come to rely on.” 

Nodeware has also announced that both Nodeware and Nodeware Plus have the capability to perform credentialed vulnerability scanning. There are numerous benefits to Nodeware’s credentialed scanning, including providing a safer way to get valuable security information and producing more accurate scan results. 

By using secured credentials, Nodeware can be granted local access to scan the target system without requiring an agent, providing a bigger picture of customers’ vulnerabilities. This level of access often results in the discovery of more missing patches or vulnerabilities that can then be addressed easily by following instructions available within the Nodeware interface. 

“We know that credentialed scanning is something that is important to our partners, so we’re thrilled to deliver an improved Nodeware solution with a feature that meets their needs,” Hoyen said. “Our team will continue to add new features and improve Nodeware to meet the growing demands of the security world.” 

These product enhancements will be made available to customers on Monday, Jan. 22. 





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