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Cybersecurity is a growing concern of every organization in the world.

The volume of threats is rising and the security landscape is changing daily, leaving organizations more vulnerable than ever. With attackers becoming more sophisticated, businesses are at greater risk and incidents are more impactful.

Cybersecurity can be elusive; and while it’s nearly impossible to fully protect yourself in the current climate, we can take actions that can manage and control your risk.


Who we are

Headquartered in Rochester, NY with a workforce spanning across the United States, IGI works with organizations on all levels of IT security. Through the company’s evolution from 1986 to today, we have continued to build on our strong foundation of securing information, systems, and technologies to become a leader in the cybersecurity field.

In the current security climate, many service providers list security as part of their portfolio. But, only a small percentage have the experience, certifications, and focus to deliver and manage a cybersecurity program.

IGI is redefining what it means to be a security vendor. As both a security OEM and a trusted advisor for security services, we understand the challenges that businesses face better than others. Our approach helps you solve and simplify your business’ biggest security obstacles.

Visit our About Us page to learn more about IGI’s security experience and highly-skilled team, or contact us using the form below to inquire about our the cybersecurity products and solutions that best fit your needs.


Areas of Practice

managed security

IGI’s cybersecurity team will advise you in choosing the best security program for your organization based on three tiers of service. Our managed offerings are completely executed by our own security team from analysis through delivery, and include use of IGI-built products as well as integrating solutions from our best-of-breed partners.

physical & Perimeter security

Perimeter & physical security are your first lines of defense against hackers. IGI thoroughly examines all publicly-facing systems to determine present vulnerabilities and mitigate risk, as well as test everything from surveillance systems, alarms, and fire suppression all without disrupting normal business operations or altering your facilities.

incident response

The truth is that it’s not if, it’s when you will have a cyber incident. IGI’s team has built an effective process for responding to cyber incidents quickly to reduce the impact to your business. We immediately detect and analyze the incident, work to contain, eradicate and recover; set up post-incident protection and continuously monitor the situation.

administrative security

IGI will review organizational policies and procedures to identify and report on deficiencies, including areas such as encryption, email use, incident response, mobile use, password guidelines, and remote access. IGI will perform a gap analysis for compliance requirements as well as ensure your compliance framework is accurate.

Social engineering

Your security is only as good as its weakest link. Firewalls, endpoint protection and other security measures won’t work if an employee clicks on a malicious phishing email. IGI will review public information disclosure that could expose you to cyber threats, as well as test employee security through email phishing, phone calls, and social manipulation.

internal security

Your security state is impacted by every internal system, application, and device. IGI will look at all network devices, VoIP systems, IoT devices, and other internal applications to assess for vulnerabilities that could leave you exposed to attackers. The team will then exploit such devices to further demonstrate how attackers could potentially compromise your environment.


More than 65% of U.S. organizations have been breached at some point, with 35% experiencing a breach in the past year alone.
— 2019 Thales Data Threat Report (IDC)


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