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Our Cybersecurity Solutions


Cybersecurity Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Leveraging the robust vulnerability management solution Nodeware, our consultants will perform a thorough review of your organization’s vulnerabilities and present a detailed report, demonstrating areas of weaknesses and recommendations to heighten your security posture.

Penetration Testing

Our team will conduct in-depth testing of your network infrastructure to identify any potential weaknesses that could be utilized by attackers to infiltrate your network. We offer a wide range of tests, including Internal Pen Testing, External Pen Testing, and OWASP Web Application Scanning.

Incident Response

Our consulting team has built an effective process for responding to cyber incidents quickly to reduce the impact to your business. We immediately detect and analyze the incident; contain, eradicate and recover; set up post-incident protection; and continuously monitor.

Social Engineering & Training

We will customize a security awareness program that meets the specific requirements of your business, industry and location. Our consultants cover a wide variety of subject areas including how to identify phishing emails, raising security awareness, and much more.

Compliance Readiness

Our consultants will ensure your compliance is in check with a wide range of audit services for a variety of industry standards and regulations, including: Education, Finance, Health Services, Retail, Construction, Utilities, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Security.

Virtual CISO

Get the specialty skills you can only get from a CISO without hiring additional staff. Use our security talent to manage your security policies and standards on an ongoing basis, or for a special project or transition period.

Any of the listed services can be bundled into a managed service offering.

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Change the way you manage cyber threats with Nodeware™


Most major breaches and cyber attacks stem from attackers identifying and exploiting a vulnerability, or weakness, in your network. Yet, Vulnerability Management is a critical component to securing a network that is often overlooked.

Common vulnerabilities stem from:

  • Failure to perform updates on operating systems, firmware, or web servers

  • Operating Systems past their End of Life

  • Missing patches for running software and services

  • Misconfiguration of network equipment, including open or unused ports

  • Insecure WiFi Access credentials

  • Default credentials, such as not changing vendor-provided passwords

We leverage a powerful solution called Nodeware™ that works around the clock to continuously identify vulnerabilities on your network, prioritize critical threats, and provide the steps to remediate them in order to keep your network safe.

Nodeware™ also works in concert with other defensive solutions, such as firewalls and antivirus, enabling more effective patch management and expediting the remediation process. Vulnerability Management is an essential layer of security that fills a critical gap for organizations, while enhancing the function of other security solutions.

Want to try it out? Contact our team for a free Nodeware™ trial.